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Silver Age Professor X origin story

End of X-Men Series Two
"You did wrong, Moira. We are not gods, though our powers make some think differently. We have no right to tamper with another's inner being. But you are also not to blame. As Magneto himself said, the forces that shaped him did their work long before the X-Men were even born. Now perhaps the time has come to do some shaping of our own. To act on the stage of history. Like Magneto, we have made choices in our lives. We have taken our stand for what we believe in. We were both haunted men, him by a nightmare, me by a dream. Time will tell which of us was right. His choice was ever fueled by rage, tainted by the despair that scars his soul. A ours, I pray, will be sustained by hope. Yes, that is an ideal. Perhaps an unattainable one. But success in this is not what is important. What matters is the attempt. And our powers, our role as heroes -- perhaps even the simple fact that we live -- gives us the obligation to try."

"Everyone has some experience or understanding of personal, spiritual or cultural oppression. And everyone also has some experience with being on the side of the oppressor. We share a world — an existence. If there is a God, that God put us together for a reason. I cannot believe that reason was simply to kill one another."

Uncanny X-Men #168: Charles is strong against Kitty Pride's cuteness

"And yes, Jean -- to answer your unspoken question... there are times I despise my useless legs."

"Erik... as always... your... timing... is impeccable. Now what do you want?"
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