Nov. 28th, 2014

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So back in the spring of 2014, I began feeling strong waves of CFUD nostalgia. I spent many hours reading a shit-ton of threads. And thoughts about what happened post-canon began taking over my brain. I began some fic for Enjolras, but like most of my writing efforts, it was soon interfered with by life and then left to languish. Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago, and I finally stop being in denial about how my thoughts had become occupied with these stories again. So I resolved to finish this fucker and exorcise it from my life, once and for all.

Appropriately enough, I ended up finishing it on Thanksgiving. Another day to do up the HTML and do a last quick once-over, but really: Thanksgiving. And it felt right, because I am so thankful for the support and outlet that CFUD (which really means the players of CFUD) gave me and for all of the friendships and good times that resulted.

I always feel a little weird/nervous writing fic based on RP, since it feels like god-modding other people's characters. But just stating for myself that which should be needless to say: these are just my own headcanon musings for what I think happened to my own characters, which sometimes involved characters who were played by other people. I'd love to hear/read other people's own post-CFUD headcanons. And there are also so many other characters whose interactions I adored but who aren't present here due to "plot," lack of world crossover, etc.. But during the time that I have spent working on this, they have crossed my mind many times.

So: thank you, friends. For everything.

Title: Wonderful Journey
Rating: T
Words: 17400
Summary: Epilogues.
Warnings: Spoilers for Monstrous Regiment and Air Gear, reference to 9/11 (Tatsumi section)

Old friends sat on their park bench... )

Captain Jack will get you by tonight )

Death says nothing back but I told you so )

Only Heaven knows how glory goes )

Sometimes you turn your back to the wind )

Are you strong inside, are you full of pride or just petrified )

Don't be too sad sonny 'cause she'll never be your woman no more )

Dreamers have shooting stars they chase ) bookends )


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