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[gosh, that got crowded really quickly]
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"He was loved because, though patrician by birth, upbringing and style, he believed in and fought for plain people [. . .] He was loved because he radiated personal charm, joy in his work, optimism for the future.

But he was hated too — hated because he called for change, and the changes he proposed reduced the power, status, income and self-esteem of those who profited most from the old order. [. . .]

He was not a perfect man. In the service of his objectives, he could be devious, guileful, manipulative, underhanded, even ruthless. [. . .] He was a realist in means but an idealist in ends. Above all, [he] stood for humanity against ideology; against the totalitarians’ love of abstractions, he wanted to find practical ways to help decent men and women make a better world for themselves and their children. An optimist who fought his own brave way back from [disability], he brought confidence and hope to a frightened and stricken nation."

Which is to say, that was a character description... by Time of F.D.R..
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[it made me think we might be similarly occupied...]
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So near the end of Charles's coma, Erik had put a hole in one of the hospital's walls.

Just noting here to all concerned that in the days after waking up from his coma, Charles finally managed (off-screen) to nag Erik into fixing it.

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So because my body hates me, I've ended up with what seems to be a permanent headache for an indefinite period of time. It's been a few days now, and my reserves for activities requiring certain types of brain activity (such as that required for reading and writing) are sitting at a low level. Additionally, I will be out and about this entire coming weekend for some friends' wedding.

As a result, I'll be spotty! People with whom I have threads, I very much have been wanting to pick up all of them, but my brain has been a writhing, whining brat. I'm going to do my best to keep picking at them! And if anyone wants to start a new thread, please feel free to gchat/message/e-mail me, but I'm unlikely to be doing much jumping for the foreseeable future.

Thank you ♥

Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness/Charles Xavier
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Oh my god, I still exist. And so! De-hiatusing Enjolras, Maladict, Tatsumi, Takeuchi Sora, Van Grants, Captain Jack Harkness and Rorschach over the next few days. Charles is still inna-coma'd while we find out if his husband did any serious structural damage to the hospital and/or hospital employees.

For the next couple months, my general availability will be from about 10:00pm-12:00am EST, pretty much every night. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less and there will doubtlessly be days here and there when I'm not around, but that's the general picture of things. I do have some flexibility, so if there's something going on at other times or if your availability is at another time and you'd like a chunk of thread-time together, just let me know and I'll see if I can be there for it.

Woo-hoo! Good to be back!

[May 20]

Jun. 2nd, 2012 09:08 pm
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[The day after Julian wakes up from his coma, Charles is...

...well, he spent most of the day asleep. But he eventually wakes up and pulls himself together enough to head out to get a late lunch.]
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....I. I just feel as though I need to apologize for going completely MIA tonight. Someone tried hacking my Steam account today, so I went into online mode to change my password and they had up... this deal. For Civilization 5. For free play of the full game through Sunday afternoon, and a 75% discount to actually buy it.

I just.

I mean.

So 9pm-2am isn't the worst one-sitting gaming spree I've ever gone on.

(Probably won't be buying the game -- what finally gave my willpower the extra push and enabled me to quit for the night was the game bugging the fuck out on me. Also, while I like some of the features better -- queuing city improvements? hell, yes -- and it sure is pretty, I just haven't found the gameplay to be as enjoyable as the old school version.)
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[what it says on the tin]
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So it became very clear to me the other night that I will never catch up on either Phoenix events or Phoenix aftermath. There's a lot of things that I think would have happened with Charles that I never had the chance to thread out. If you'd like to, we can adjust and work things out OOCly in this post. I'm also willing to thread things out, but I will be quite honest in that I'm pretty much at threading capacity for serious business now.

Here's the timeline of what happened for Charles, as far as I can figure:

Read more... )
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I have no idea why the fuck I said that my hiatus was lasting only through today.

The show doesn't open until this coming Thursday.

I'm on crack and also a dumbass.

See you next week.

Still Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness/Charles Xavier
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[It's early, not too long after sunrise, when the light begins to glow through the curtains and the nocturnal moaning of the zombies crossfades into rustling of the sentient plantlife. No explosions, no battles -- just an utterly normal morning.]
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STUFF HAPPENED so starting my hiatus a little early. From now until Sunday 4/22, I'll be MIA. I'll do my best to continue the threads that I already have, but I'll be spotty.

Since it's not for too terribly long, just assume that all of my characters are around and doing their usual thang. If something happens that would definitely involve one of them (by which I mean Charles, because let's be real here), just let me know if there's something we need to figure out and we can have it happen offscreen. o/

Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness/Charles Xavier
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Passed the 5K mark with my LJ+DW comment count, so: a meme.

Disclaimer is that I probably won't start on this until at least this coming weekend, when I'll be heading into a hiatus due to work.
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Okay, so on the one hand, the show that I'm working right now is relatively easy, so that's great.

On the other hand, we just started in our regular rehearsal room this week -- we were off-site last week -- and it's a big room with white walls that is lit entirely with fluorescent lights.

So basically, while I'm not getting home very late, I am getting home and feeling like absolute crap. Headache, nausea, exhaustion and, unsurprisingly, very little RP stamina. I'm going to see what I can do about this -- changing up my playing style/strategy/schedule to something that will work with the situation -- but I'm going to be pretty irregular while I work this out. Apologies for multitudinous placeholders and taking a really long time to get back to threads.

Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness/Charles Xavier


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