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[This post is open forever to any and all McAvoys for Cabin McAvoy antics. Fourth wall-breaking guests are welcome when such events are in effect.]
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So back in the spring of 2014, I began feeling strong waves of CFUD nostalgia. I spent many hours reading a shit-ton of threads. And thoughts about what happened post-canon began taking over my brain. I began some fic for Enjolras, but like most of my writing efforts, it was soon interfered with by life and then left to languish. Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago, and I finally stop being in denial about how my thoughts had become occupied with these stories again. So I resolved to finish this fucker and exorcise it from my life, once and for all.

Appropriately enough, I ended up finishing it on Thanksgiving. Another day to do up the HTML and do a last quick once-over, but really: Thanksgiving. And it felt right, because I am so thankful for the support and outlet that CFUD (which really means the players of CFUD) gave me and for all of the friendships and good times that resulted.

I always feel a little weird/nervous writing fic based on RP, since it feels like god-modding other people's characters. But just stating for myself that which should be needless to say: these are just my own headcanon musings for what I think happened to my own characters, which sometimes involved characters who were played by other people. I'd love to hear/read other people's own post-CFUD headcanons. And there are also so many other characters whose interactions I adored but who aren't present here due to "plot," lack of world crossover, etc.. But during the time that I have spent working on this, they have crossed my mind many times.

So: thank you, friends. For everything.

Title: Wonderful Journey
Rating: T
Words: 17400
Summary: Epilogues.
Warnings: Spoilers for Monstrous Regiment and Air Gear, reference to 9/11 (Tatsumi section)

Old friends sat on their park bench... )

Captain Jack will get you by tonight )

Death says nothing back but I told you so )

Only Heaven knows how glory goes )

Sometimes you turn your back to the wind )

Are you strong inside, are you full of pride or just petrified )

Don't be too sad sonny 'cause she'll never be your woman no more )

Dreamers have shooting stars they chase )

...like bookends )
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Set post-CFUD (i.e., Charles and Erik were stuck together in a jam-jar RP multi-dimensional summer/prison camp and are resultantly in a relationship -- at least in so much as they’re not broken up -- that they haven't seen fit to inform anyone else of since they returned home) with DoFP influence (thus, spoilers)



So the big question is
whether Erik would be down for using Hank's serum as a sex aid
I mean, that was the question on everyone's mind, right

I HAVE TO CONFESS IT WAS NOT ON MINE but now i've seen the error of my ways
i think
would have to be talked into it

Happy belated birthday, [personal profile] godwinner. Sorry the idea turned from humor to angst. That happens.

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Jan. 26th, 2013 12:39 pm
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I've pretty much just still been (slowly) catching up with old threads lately -- and thank you, friends, for your patience with me -- but I should go hiatus-y for a bit now.

Enjolras, Maladict, Tatsumi, Takeuchi Sora, Van Grants, Rorschach, Captain Jack Harkness, Charles Xavier
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Calling retroactive hiatus because everything has been conspiring against me on the RP front. (I seriously have been planning multiple attempts to post, like, three different posts over the past few weeks and was suddenly defeated by reality at every turn.)

Hopefully, things should be better by the end of this weekend. Apologies for dropping threads, and I'll do my best to pick them up when I'm back because you have been saints for sticking with me that long and deserve at least that much.

Okay going to continue trying not to throw up now.

Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness/Charles Xavier
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In the northeast, prepping for Hurricane Sandy today! And we'll see what ends up happening.

ETA: A few Really Big Things Knocked Down By Wind, but not much else in the downtown area. Biggest impact on me has been all of the time that I spent prepping for the storm. And also scheduling around other people's things being rescheduled. So I might be a little scarce while getting things back on schedule, but otherwise, nothing much here.
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Step in and do our show, they said.

It'll be fun, they said.

Okay, so it is fun, but I've also been working pretty much straight through from 4pm-3am for the past week -- plus classes during the day.

Getting ready for the final performance right now. I am so looking forward to getting back to RPing. And also sleeping. And maybe even showering. I know, I know, crazy talk.
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This is just an apology post for having been MIA lately for longer than originally predicted. Debilitating allergies went straight into the beginning of the school year, which is always a killer that I always underestimate. Hopefully will be getting my head back into the game in the next week or so. I plan to pick up dropped threads, but no pressure/expectations of reciprocation, as I know that they are pretty ancient at this point.

Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness/Charles Xavier
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It seems like every time I go back home, the internet has gotten slower/more unreliable. I'm not sure if this is fact or just me developing unreasonable hopes/deliberately misremembering past experience.

Anyhow, what this means is that I will be super extremely very spotty in picking up old threads -- I still have the notifs staring at me and want to get back to them, it's just extremely technologically frustration -- and will be very sparse when it comes to starting new threads. This is going to be my life for about a week.

(I do have a post or two that I want to run before school starts up again, so I might crazily try running one during this time, but that will be a severely slow, isolated process.)

Enjolras/Maladict/Tatsumi/Takeuchi Sora/Van Grants/Rorschach/Captain Jack Harkness/Charles Xavier


Aug. 21st, 2012 09:10 pm
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So we were closing up our summer season, and then I got sick. Not that my not being around is all that notable, but it's likely that you'll be seeing me around (on chat and the like) but not being all that... active for a bit, as my brain is somewhere on Mars. I'll be getting back to things as soon as I can.


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