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[This post is open forever to any and all McAvoys for Cabin McAvoy antics. Fourth wall-breaking guests are welcome when such events are in effect.]
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[gosh, that got crowded really quickly]
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[it made me think we might be similarly occupied...]

[May 20]

Jun. 2nd, 2012 09:08 pm
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[The day after Julian wakes up from his coma, Charles is...

...well, he spent most of the day asleep. But he eventually wakes up and pulls himself together enough to head out to get a late lunch.]
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[what it says on the tin]
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[It's early, not too long after sunrise, when the light begins to glow through the curtains and the nocturnal moaning of the zombies crossfades into rustling of the sentient plantlife. No explosions, no battles -- just an utterly normal morning.]
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[what it says on the tin]
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[at some point after this, shortly before the end of November, Charles goes out searching for a certain Master of Magnetism]
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[so short and tiny and cute etc.]
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[It's a dark October night in camp. All is quiet in the Cabin McAvoy.

Until a child starts screaming.]
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I'm going to be carrying over as many threads as possible because I have a neurotic dedication to running up the comm's comment count as much as I can, but please feel free to tag in here for any new/old fourth wall threads.

Also, my sincerest apologies for derping out like a champion over the past couple of days with threads from both the fourth wall event and before. I just moved back into my apartment for the school year, so there were all sorts of moving/unpacking/cleaning things going on. Additionally, there is a hurricane coming, so I am occasionally in somewhat mind-numbing amounts of pain and just can't handle more than a thread or two at a time.

CFUD: Enjolras, Maladict, Tatsumi Seiichirou, Takeuchi Sora, Van Grants, Rorschach, Captain Jack Harkness, Charles Xavier


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